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Seminar organized by the SHINTAIKAN and the GoJu-Ryu Institute IGKDF Kenkyukai de France

From Novembre 9th 2018 to Sunday November 10th

Open to all Goju Ryu and Shitoryu Clubs

Reservation required through the form at the bottom of this page

Theme of the seminar:

Working GoJu-Ryu Katas, bunkais and combat applications as per Masaji Taira Sensei.

To read more in French about Masaji Taira Sensei: In the magazine of French Karate Federation.

Objectives of the seminar:

1. Introduce members of Karate Club Shintaikan La Chaux-de-Fonds and Val-de-Travers to the practice of GoJu-Ryu of Sensei Masaji Taira.

2. Enable members of other GoJu-Ryu Clubs in the region to experience GoJu's practice of Sensei Masaji Taira.

3. Allow members of other Clubs in the region who already work under this method, to participate in the seminar and to train in a more advanced way.

4. Have a good time with friends ;)

Prerequisites to make the most of the seminar:

1. To know the kata GoJu Gekisai dai ichi, Gekisai dai ni and Saifa.

2. Be in a good mood ;)  


The seminar will be led by  Sensei Nirina Rakotozafiminah.
Sensei Nirina Rakotozafiminah, 6th Dan, is one of the founding members of the association  Okinawa GoJu-Ryu Kenkyukai France and official representative of Masaji Taira in Europe.


9h – 12h:30 Training 
13h – 15h Lunch 
15h30 - 18h30 Training

9h – 12h:30 Training 
13h – 15h Lunch 
15h30 - 18h30 Training

Where will the seminar be held:

Où aura lieu le séminaire:

Chikarada Dojo Fribourg


Beaumont 16 1700 Fribourg.


- Non-Francophone practitioners are welcome, a translation into German or English will be provided during the seminar.

- Nicht frankophone Praktiker sind willkommen, eine Übersetzung in die deutsche Schweiz oder Englisch wird während des Seminars zur Verfügung gestellt.

Non-exhaustive list of Clubs participating in the seminar:

Some pictures from the former seminar 2018:

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